15 Traditional Chinese Foods to Try Before You Die

Egg rolls, crab rangoons, beef and broccoli, and fried rice are just a couple of the dishes served at westernized Chinese restaurants like Panda Categorical. Packaged in little takeout boxes and served with crispy fortune cookies, they make for a fast, scrumptious weeknight food. What if I were being to explain to you that these food items are not common?

Though marketed as “Chinese food stuff,” these dishes are provided a twist to enchantment to the palates of westerners. Traditional Chinese food stuff differs from American Chinese foods, but in no way does that mean it is really not as mouth watering. Even though common Chinese food items may differ from location to region, here are 15 of the tastiest Chinese dishes I grew up eating.

1. Chinese Hamburger &#13

Though hamburgers may well not be a staple of Chinese delicacies, this sandwich sure resembles 1. These “burgers” are produced of bread stuffed with flavorful stewed pork. They can be marketed on streets or observed in avenue distributors. Other variants of this dish incorporate the use of chicken, lamb, or beef in Muslim-populated locations. 

2. Tea Eggs&#13

Whilst they could appear unusual to you, Chinese tea eggs are typically marketed as a prevalent snack on the road. Soaked in tea and spices, these eggs have a gorgeous marble design when cracked open up. 

3. Baozi &#13

Warm, fluffy, steamed, and comfortable, baozi are steamed buns that are often filled with veggies and meat these kinds of as barbecue pork. In many cases, baozi are loaded with sweet fillings this kind of as red bean paste, lotus seed, or even custard. 

4. Peking Duck&#13

Peking duck’s origin can be traced back to the imperial days of China, the place it served to the Chinese Emperor all through the Yuan Dynasty. This dish is thinly sliced duck with a crispy, crunchy exterior. Peking duck is commonly served along with onions, cucumbers, bean sauce, and pancakes. 

5. Scallion Pancakes &#13

Though not your standard sweet, buttermilk pancakes, these scallion pancakes are just as mouth watering. Con you bing are a road food items designed of dough and oil. Even though they’re mostly filled with scallion, other types consist of the addition of sesame seeds or fennel. 

6. Shrimp Dumpling Soup &#13

Shrimp dumpling soup is a delicious, gentle soup loaded with wontons. The filling of these dumplings is similar to siu mai, as it incorporates pork and shrimp. This soup is generally accompanied by noodles, or eaten basic. 

7. BiangBiang Noodles&#13

Ditch the chow mein and check out these biangbiang noodles as a substitute. These noodles are thicker and fatter in contrast to chow mein and is incredibly equivalent to chow enjoyable in overall look. They are normally served with garlic, onions, and beef or mutton. 

8. Congee &#13

Congee is a rice porridge dish that is generally eaten for breakfast. It is really commonly eaten together with meat, fish, salted duck eggs, or century eggs, and fried breadsticks termed youtiao. Congee is the perfect dish when you’re ill, or when the weather is chilly.

9. Char Siu &#13

Regarded by its deep, vibrant red shade, char siu is a barbecue pork dish. Whilst it varies from area to put, the most popular cuts of pork they use include things like pork loin, pork tummy, and pork butt. Ingredients such as honey, five spice powder, purple fermented bean curd, soy and hoisin sauce, are not only applied to year it, but also give it that signature red shade. It really is sometimes utilised as a filling for baozi, eaten with noodles, or eaten on your own. 

10. Soup Dumplings (Xiaolong Bao)&#13

Popularized by dining establishments these types of as Din Tai Fung, soup dumplings a standard Chinese food stuff that most folks are acquainted with. These soup dumplings are normally loaded with pork and broth. When poked, flavorful, warm broth will come oozing out. Whilst feeding on them is pleasurable, I come across that it is really more entertaining to poke them and see all the broth ooze out.

#SpoonTip: You can make your possess soup dumplings at home, but they get a large amount of time to get ready. 

11. Siu Mai&#13

If you’ve got ever eaten dim sum, you may have found siu mai in a single of the dumpling bins. Originating in Mongolia, siu mai are normally filled with pork, shrimp, and mushrooms. Dependent on the year, other versions like seafood, crab meat, pumpkin, and chives are served. 

12. Sesame Balls &#13

Crisp, delightful, sweet, and rolled in sesame seeds, these sesame balls make for a delightful afternoon snack or dessert. They’re chewy and have a crispy exterior. Designed with glutinous rice and loaded with crimson beans, they are similar to custard-stuffed donut holes. 

13. Nian gao&#13

Nian gao, usually recognised as “year cake,” is a sweet rice cake that is eaten at Chinese New Year. It truly is symbolized as remaining blessed to eat it at this time of year because nian gao is phonetically very similar to “larger 12 months.” While commonly sweet, there are specific savory variations of this delectable cake. 

14. Tofu Pudding&#13

Tofu as a dessert may possibly seem to be bizarre, but tofu pudding is extremely sweet and refreshing. It really is made with smooth or silken tofu instead than the company wide range. It is really served with sugar or in a sweet, crystal clear ginger syrup. Similar to nian gao, it can also be served savory, these types of as with soy sauce, chili oil, peanuts, or scallions. 

15. Chinese Mango Pudding &#13

When it can be more broadly eaten in Hong Kong, mango pudding has produced its way into Chinese cuisine. This creamy dessert has a light-weight mango flavor and is typically garnished with strawberries or other fruits.

Westernized Chinese food may possibly be delightful, less complicated to uncover, and comforting, but it really is not at all genuine. All of these dishes are served in regular Chinese delicacies, and they could possibly even be greater than that lo mein and Standard Tso’s hen you grew up feeding on. However these dishes may perhaps appear to be unfamiliar, they’re undoubtedly worth attempting. 

Barbara J. Miriam

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