Ramadan goes Italian: Palestinian chef brings twist to original recipes

In the course of Ramadan, Muslims the planet around pray, reflect and get together with their families, in addition to fasting from dawn to sunset.

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But abstaining from meals throughout the holiday break, which begins on April 13 and is slated to close on Might 12, can at periods be quite complicated, especially through the longer and hotter days. For this motive, many of the hallmark dishes that are eaten all through Ramadan are quite filling and healthy, which includes qatayef, a sweet dumpling that is usually served for the duration of the vacation. Muslims generally get pleasure from a handful of pieces of the delectable dessert subsequent their quick-breaking meal, regarded as iftar.
Palestinian chef Fidaa Abu Hamdiya has taken the classic vacation dish and offered it a imaginative Italian twist.
Born in Hebron in 1982, Abu Hamdiya pursued her culinary and gastronomic experiments at the College of Padua in Italy.
Nevertheless she now resides in Ramallah, most of her recipes are prepared in Italian, a language she has extensive been attracted to. Abu Hamdiya’s exclusive point of view on foods tradition has also led to the creation of Italian-Palestinian fusion cuisine.
On one facet, she helps make her have tiramisu, panettone and other mouthwatering Italian goodies that she sells to Palestinians by using a venture she refers to as Tiramix Palestine on the other, she publicizes her possess Palestinian heritage on Italian internet websites and many thanks to a cookbook she coauthored with Italian chef Silvia Chiarantini called Pop Palestine Cuisine (2016). The book capabilities over 60 recipes.

Abu Hamdiya spoke to The Media Line about her ordeals as a chef and also shared 1 of her most preferred Ramadan recipes.

How does your delicacies blend Palestinian and Italian culinary traditions?

At property I prepare dinner both equally Palestinian and Italian. Some recipes are fusion, but my house is Italian and Palestinian.
It’s not really hard [to mix them], mainly because we are really shut to the Italian food culture in the south of Italy. It’s not really challenging to adapt the style [of] these new dishes, for the reason that we nearly have the exact substances: olive oil, durum wheat and meat. These are the three key points that [the food] is based upon.

For case in point, sometimes I make ravioli with cheese and fresh Palestinian za’atar [leaves] and it’s incredibly delectable.

How very well-recognized is your food stuff in both of those Italy and Palestine?

In Italy, I’m properly known as a Palestinian chef with Palestinian food in Palestine I’m recognised for Italian food items. When individuals here discuss about Italian food, many folks feel about me, fortuitously.

How did you get into cooking when you were more youthful? What produced you make a decision to go in that way?

I was born with this love of cooking, ingesting and foods society. I look at food items as a tool of communication. For me, it was about cooking for men and women and not just about offering them recipes.
It is like researching any other matter, and you [can] educate other people. Often I even teach at a school in this article, and most of the young college students opt for culinary school because they’re not excellent at other [subjects] or mainly because they have challenges.

But foods doesn’t have to be a past alternative. I could’ve preferred other factors, but I selected this simply because I’m content to do the job in this sector.

What manufactured you captivated to Italian culture and delicacies?

I was captivated to the language at initially, and then the lifestyle and the meals.

Why do you assume Ramadan is essential, in conditions of food items?

Individuals are viewing just about every other and gathering alongside one another. Commonly persons get the job done, and even those in the similar spouse and children do not have the time to sit down to have supper or lunch alongside one another. So Ramadan is an occasion for all individuals to arrive jointly.

People today who rejoice Ramadan sit jointly and take in together, even all those that really don’t observe it.

I do not like that Ramadan has turn out to be professional and that individuals hurry to acquire food stuff and items like that. I’m not towards specific recipes and desserts for Ramadan, but I’m from the “too much” of items: obtaining much too [much] and serving way too many food items.

What are some of the exclusive food items that people today try to eat all through Ramadan?

There are quite a few several hours of fasting. Arabic salad with tehina is extremely crucial during Ramadan. Also, people today begin Ramadan with ingesting dates.

There are also a lot of forms of juices that you do not see outside of Ramadan, like tamarind, lemon or almond juice.

There is also qatayef, a special sweet for Ramadan that is a variety of pancake filled with nuts or cheese. I adore it.

What is your eyesight for the foreseeable future, and what do you hope will be the impression of your cooking?

I hope my cooking will arrive in each property! For Palestinian tradition, I talk and write in Italian, so I know that my Palestinian food stuff will be in a lot of Italian homes. They’ve invited me into their homes and it’s really good. 


For the dough:

2 cups Italian kind “0” flour (or all-goal flour)

¼ cup durum wheat flour

3 cups lukewarm drinking water

1 tsp. baking powder

2 Tbsp. sugar

For the filling:

400 gr. Tosella Italian cheese (soft white cheese, can be substituted with akkawi cheese)

1 tsp. cinnamon

2 Tbsp. sugar

Recommendations for the dough:

Location all the dough elements in a bowl and whisk until a batter is formed.

Area nonstick frying pan above warmth, wait until finally the pan is incredibly hot, and then, applying a ladle, pour the batter into circular designs that are more or considerably less 15 cm. in diameter.

The pancakes are cooked on 1 side only, so inside of a handful of minutes they can be taken out from the heat and established aside on a plate.

Directions for the filling:

Crumble the gentle cheese with your fingers into a bowl.

Include cinnamon, sugar and blend all together.

Location a spoonful of filling in each and every qatayef pancake and near to sort a crescent condition. Press down edges with your palms.

Cooking and serving instructions:
For baked Qatayef:

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Set up the turnovers on a baking pan equipped with parchment paper and brush them with butter.

Bake for about 10 minutes or until finally the turnovers are golden in shade.

Provide with honey on leading.

For fried qatayef:

Fry the qatayef in a nonstick pan with vegetable oil until eventually golden.

Serve with honey on major.

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